The Mission and Purpose of the Knoxville Diocese Catholic Committee or (KDCCS) are to give guidance, vitality, and leadership in the spiritual phase of our youth and adults of the Diocese. The purpose of the KDCCS is to promote the constructive use of the programs of the Boy Scouts of America, and Girl Scouts of USA, the American Heritage Girls,Campfire Boys and Girls,4H Clubs, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Troops of St. George and Trails Life USA as a viable form of youth ministry for the Catholic youth of our diocese among its clergy, youth ministers, and directors of religious education.

The KDCCS will monitor and provide qualified counselors to administer the Catholic Religious Emblems Program. The Committee will ensure the nomination of Catholic Adult Religious Awards annually within the diocese. The KDCCS will also actively promote the Religious Emblems Program to all youth and adults of other faith traditions within the diocese.