About The Emblem

– Pope Pius XII is Catholic Scouting’s church-related ministries and vocation program.

– To have the candidate examine how being a Christian affects daily life in a real world.

– To challenge the candidate to evaluate his or her own personal talents and abilities in light of a possible choice of lifestyle/vocation or ministry that relates in some way to belonging to and becoming increasingly more active in the Catholic Christian faith community.

– To give the candidate an opportunity to share faith and practice his/her religion among peers, while receiving guidance and feedback attuned to the ideals of Scouting.


– Group size should be 6-12.
– The program should be run by the candidates themselves
– Attend a Diocesan Scout retreat.
– Optional Service Projects.
– Interviews with religious leaders.The Pope Pius XII Participant Manual can be purchased directly from DCCS for $3.35 each which includes shipping, the Facilitator Manual can also be purchased from DCCS for $7.85 each, send check payable to KDCCS for the number of books required to the below address or by contacting the Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting.

Program Completion

– Complete requirements for all units in Pope Pius XII Religious Emblem Participant Manual
– Pass a Pope Pius XII Board of Review.
– Pope Pius XII Board of Review is made up of former Pope Pius XII recipients with adult leaders acting in an advisory and supervisory capacity.

Complete the application and evaluation forms and mail it along with the application fee of $17.00 and make check payable to KDCCS.


Religious Awards
Attn: George C. LeCrone, Sr.
10700 Leeward Lane
Knoxville, Tn. 37934-3012

Award Ceremony

The emblem will be presented to your Scout at a formal ceremony and Mass. The location may vary from year to year. Each scout will be given their emblem by there Parish Priest or Catholic Committee member during an Award Mass. After mass, the Scouts will have an opportunity to have their picture taken for the ETC.

Facilitator’s Role

– Use the Facilitator’s Guide that can be purchased directly from the Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting.
– Form the group.
– Act as a facilitator, not group leaders.
– Help the candidate focus on essential elements and important issues.

Scout’s Role

As an older Scout, the candidate is expected to actively work as a group. The group elects a leader that not only leads in group sessions, but also makes the arrangements for interviews, tours, and schedules.

Parent’s Role

BSA and DCCS require two-deep leadership. As the Facilitator is used as a resource, instead of the primary group leader, parents should make themselves available to be the second adult.

Suggested Time Requirements

It is suggested that the group meet for seven to twelve sessions. Although there is no suggested length, sessions should be planned for a 6-8 month period.